Time and the Clockmice, Etcetera

About the Book

An old clock-mender repairing a fantastic great town-hall clock discovers it is inhabited by a race of intelligent telepathic mice with whom he makes friends and then has to protect from a keen young scientist eager to research their abilities in the laboratory.

Author Comment

My elder son John used to work for the Ministry of Defence. At on point I casually asked him if he’d got any ideas for my next book. He said “What about a group of telepathic mice living in one of the big clocks where automata pop out and do things when it strikes the hours?” Who said civil servants were incapable of thinking out of the box?


Unique, charming, and thoughtful, too--this could become a classic. Kirkus Reviews


Doubleday, UK - 1993

Delacorte, US - 1994

Open Road Media, US - 2016