Peter Dickinson is a celebrated author. He won multiple prizes, published almost 60 books and has been translated into 53 languages. He won the prestigious Carnegie Medal twice and the Crime Writer’s Golden Dagger twice. He is also a published poet. He was awarded the O.B.E in 2009 for services to literature. Peter Dickinson died on 16 December 2015, at the age of 88.

A stylist of subtle brilliance. The New York Times

One of the masters of children's literature. Philip Pullman

peter dickinson

The Kin - cover

The Kin

The adventures of four early human children, just after the development of spoken language. The group to which they belong has been driven from its ancestral lands and has to travel through unfamiliar terrain in search of somewhere else to live. (Illustrated by Ian Andrew. Originally published in the US as four linked novels, Suth, Noli, Po, and Mana, but in the UK as a single volume, The Kin, and later as four separate paperbacks.)

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