The Lizard in the Cup

The fifth of six novels with Detective James Pibble

About the book

Thanassi Thanatos (the tycoon first met in Sleep and his Brother) invites Pibble to Greek Island hideout to play role of Mafia in war-game style simulation of business opponents’ likely actions. Pibble suggests elimination of Thanatos himself and then investigates the possibility for real. That’s why Jimmy Pibble joins five other men and a beautiful girl around a conference table in a lavish Mediterranean villa.

But what have two drunken Greek monks to do with murder. And how does a penniless English artist fit into the scene? Jimmy Pibble will find out – but not before someone has died…


His best yet. The Times

The most original crime novelist to appear for a long, long time. Guardian

Coruscating. Books and Bookmen

Peter Dickinson's crime novels are streets ahead of others for interest and ingenuity. Sunday Telegraph


Hodder & Stoughton, UK - 1972

Harper & Row, US - 1972

Arrow, UK - 1985

Open Road, US - 2015